Sometimes life leads along paths you would never have imagined, and end your days in a place far away from your hometown, away from family and friends and those who, in short, have more reasons to say goodbye to a loved one. This is an increasingly common situation in these times and that raises an important question: ‎‎how to move a deceased to another city?‎‎ We clear all doubts: the steps you must follow and other related issues.‎

‎To ‎‎transfer the body‎‎ of a deceased relative, the first thing you should know is that, by law, it is mandatory that it be done in an ‎‎approved vehicle‎‎ to guarantee minimum health requirements established for that purpose. Therefore, it is essential to have a ‎‎hearse‎‎ to make the transfer.‎

‎In case it is ‎‎ashes‎‎, there is more flexibility and these can be transported by any other means. Of course, you must have all the ‎‎required documentation‎‎ in your possession and ‎‎proper packaging‎‎.‎

‎The next aspect that you must take into account is whether the transfer will be made between cities of the same Autonomous Community or not. The conditions are different depending on one case or another.‎

‎Transfer within the same Autonomous Community‎

‎If the burial is going to take place in a locality that is in the ‎‎same Autonomous Community‎‎ where the death has taken place, ‎‎you must request the death certificate and let at least 24 hours elapse‎‎. You should not take into account many more considerations, since the funeral home will take care of the rest, although it is advisable to consult the regulations of each locality.‎

‎Transfer of the deceased from one Autonomous Community to another‎

‎The difference is, fundamentally, bureaucratic. If the body is going ‎‎to leave for another Autonomous Community‎‎, it is also necessary to have a ‎‎death certificate for Health‎‎, and ‎‎another for the Registry‎‎. Next, you must sign ‎‎the transfer contract‎‎, which shows the exact destination and condition of the remains. ‎
‎ In this case, the displacement may take a little longer, since you will have to wait until cremation or burial is authorized. In addition, Health must approve the time of departure of the deceased. On the other hand, it is essential that there is an entity or person who is responsible for receiving the coffin with the corpse at the point of destination.‎

International tranfers

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