The ‎‎service of transferring‎‎ bodies or corpses is carried out when the death of the deceased occurs in a different place from where he will be buried. It consists of moving a body to another place for burial or burial.‎

‎ For this transfer, it must be taken into account that the mortuary health law prohibits the transfer of corpses in ‎‎vehicles‎‎ that are not ‎‎approved‎‎. Not even an ambulance could make such a transfer. Therefore, only a funeral home could perform this service since they are the only ones that have the means and adequate personnel to carry out the transfer. ‎

‎If you are in such a situation, at ‎‎Compara Funerarias‎‎ we facilitate the search and choice of the funeral home that best suits your needs. With our comparator, you will solve it in four steps:‎

  1. ‎Indicate your city.‎
  2. ‎Select the service you want.‎
  3. ‎Compare between the results.‎
  4. ‎Choose and we will put you in touch.‎

‎Nowadays hiring a body transfer online is possible, and not only that, it is very advantageous. Thanks to Compara Funerarias it will be very easy to have access to the‎‎ contact information, services and prices‎‎ of the funeral homes, and with great immediacy you can start the management of the transfer of the body.‎

On the other hand, it should be noted that the transfer of the ashes of a deceased does not need any sanitary requirements. With the necessary documentation and the appropriate packaging, they can be transported in different means of transport.‎

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