The ‎‎repatriation ‎‎process‎‎ is usually a bit more complex. If it is the transfer of a body beyond national borders, it is important that, previously, you know the different ‎‎requirements of both countries‎‎. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that not all funeral homes offer international services, so you must choose the one that best suits your needs and ‎‎we can help you‎‎.‎

‎For any transport of corpses, whatever the route and the conditions in which it is carried out, a ‎‎special transit permit‎‎ (corpse transit permit) will be necessary, which will contain, in any case, the full name and surname and the age of the deceased, the place, the date and the cause of death; such a transit permit shall be issued by the competent authority of the place of death, or of the place of burial, in the case of exhumation of remains. It is recommended that the transit permit be drawn up, in addition to the language of the country in which it was issued, in at least one of the most widely used languages in international relations.‎

‎No documentation shall be required by the country of destination, nor by the countries of transit, in addition to the documents provided for by the International Conventions relating to transport in general, other than the transit permit provided for in the preceding article. Such a permit shall only be issued by the responsible authority, upon presentation: of a legalised extract from the death certificate; of official testimonies that establish that the transport is not a cause of any inconvenience from the point of view of hygiene, nor from the medico-legal point of view, and that the corpse has been placed in the coffin.‎

‎If the death was due to a contagious disease, the corpse itself shall be wrapped in a shroud soaked in an antiseptic solution. The metal coffin will then be hermetically sealed (welded) and fitted into a wooden box in such a way that it cannot move inside it. This box will have a thickness of at least three centimeters, the joints of the same must be hermetically assembled and the lid must be secured by screws placed, at most, twenty centimeters from each other: it will be fastened with metal tapes.‎

‎International transport can be carried out, in addition to by ‎‎land (car, rail …), by sea and by air‎‎, the latter being the most common.‎

For carriage by air, in addition to the general provisions, the following rules shall apply: (a) The casket shall be carried, either in an aircraft used specially and exclusively for such carriage, or within a special compartment and reserved only for that object in an ordinary aircraft. (b) Only objects such as wreaths, bouquets of flowers, etc., may be transported in the same aircraft or in the same compartment.‎

‎As for the price of transfers, from our company we want to make it clear that, unlike the services we offer for burial and incineration, for transfers we can not expose a fixed price. To know what the price of the transfer would be, it is advisable to contact us through the phone ‎‎+34 911086286‎‎ or through our email‎‎ ‎‎‎

‎In addition to these means, for any questions or requests for more information, you can visit us at our facilities. We are located in ‎‎Calle Cable Inglés, 3 BAJO C – 04007 Almería (Almería).‎

‎We will help you with the type of transfer you need and with our work we guarantee you to get the best service for you.

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