Frequently asked questions section

What is for?

It is a comparator that helps and streamlines the choice of funeral services, with which you can get different prices for different services and categories of these, in order to choose the one that best suits what our users need at all times. After such a sensitive loss.

How do I get the different prices for services?

By answering a short questionnaire, users will get a selection of funeral services that best suit their needs. According to the type of funeral service that they have previously selected.

How does the funeral home contact once the service is selected?

Once the choice of the funeral service that best suits the needs of the users has been completed, the funeral home will contact the person requesting our services as soon as possible. In this way, it will inform you of everything necessary for the provision of the selected service and will solve the doubts that arise in this event.

The price shown Do you have any increase when requesting the service?

The price of the requested service does not vary and there is no increase when paying, since this search engine is a free service for all users who use it and hire our funeral services.

How is the payment for the contracted services made?

The funeral home that provides the service will be in charge of making the payment and will inform you how to carry out the payment operation.